How secure is your online shop? Is my data protected?
We use an SSL certificate to encrypt/scramble your information so nobody can see it when it goes from your computer to ours. Our SSL certificate uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data files which is one of the most secure encryption methods available.
Which payment methods are accepted?
We accept Paypal for processing orders.
How long will delivery take?
Depending on where you live, delivery can take between 2-7 days. If your order has not arrived after 7 days please contact us.
What if I am not happy with my purchase?
If you are not happy with your purchase please phone us on 0412 600 875 or email
What if my package arrives damaged?
If your package arrives damaged please phone us immediately on 0412 600 875 or email
What courier service do you use?
We currently use APD to deliver our wine cases.
Do Nature's Step wines container sulphur?
Yes, our wines do contain a very small amount of sulphur (S02) It is a very small amount and well in the Australian Organic threshold.
Are your wines vegan friendly?
Yes, our wines and suitable for vegans.