These fun loving, hard working, environmentally conscious Grape Growers are what make the Nature’s Step range just so good. Second generation farmers and brothers, Ken and Chris love the land, both having spent over 30 years farming and becoming some of the finest Grape Growers in the region. In 2007, the brothers started converting their vineyards to organic, a process which takes 3 years to complete in order to be 100% certified. Their commitment to creating a sustainable farm, without using artificial chemicals, herbicides or fertilisers, creates much healthier soil and ultimately, great tasting wines.

Ken Carypidis

Meet Ken - he's hard working, charismatic and the joker of the family, but when it comes to his grapes, he is very serious! Ken has been farming in Virginia since he was 15 - that's 45 years living on the land.

Originally, the farm consisted of various fruits and vegetables, and it wasn't until 1990 that Ken decided to convert his entire property into a vineyard and become one of the largest grape growers in the region. Through his deep love for the land and the wine industry, Ken teamed with his brother Chris to expand the vineyard and continue as a family business. From their modest beginnings, they now own over 140 acres across 3 properties - with the oldest vines planted in 1975.

In 2009, Ken began converting the properties to certified organic to ensure he runs a sustainable farm that will be there for many years to come! Less chemicals and less pollution provides a much cleaner environment to grow stronger, healthier vines. No one knows these vineyards better than he does. Ken's passion for growing premium quality grapes is evidently shown through the Nature's Step organic wine collection.

Chris Carypidis

Chris - he is funny, tidy, organised and witty - he's also an amazing cook.

Chris started helping his parents on the land at a young age of 9 so it's fair to say that he know's the ins and out of farming! In his early 20's, Chris, also now known as the BBQ King, owned a take-away shop at the Brickworks Markets so it wasn't until 1992 when Chris decided to focus all of his time and attention to the farm.

Chris has been instrumental in the development of the organic vineyards. His passion for sustainable farming contributed to the success of the vineyard conversion in 2009, and he has since been a leader in organic farming in the region.

Apart from his commitment to the business, Chris is also a supporter of Variety SA - the children's charity, and has helped raise funds for children over the past 5 years through his involvement in the Variety Bash.