The innovation of our Senior Winemaker, Joanne Irvine, is the foundation of the success behind the Nature’s Step wine range. The team, led by Joanne, is constantly working on creating the best organic white blends while sticking to a unique style that is enjoyed by many.

“I believe that great wines are created by synergy and attention to detail both in the vineyard and in the winery. I am passionate about the quality of the wines that I produce! The Nature’s Step organic wine range is an exceptional group of easy-drinking wines bursting with fruity flavours.”
Joanne Irvine, Senior Winemaker



Take a look at some of Jo’s career highlights:

  • 2006 London International Wine Challenge
    “Red Winemaker of the Year”
  • 2006 London International Wine Challenge
    “Best Zinfandel in the World”
  • 2008 First recipient of the Bruce Thiele memorial trophy for
    Best Alternative wine at Barossa Wine Show.
  • 2008 state finalist in Australia’s Telstra Businesswoman of the Year
  • 2009 Selected for Barons of Barossa Winemaker of the Year


joanne irvine


The Nature’s Step organic wine range is 100% vegan but it’s good to know that not all organic wines are so read on…

Wine clarification and stabilisation is the process of removing insoluble matter from the wine before it is bottled. This mater may include bacteria, yeasts, proteins, grape skin, pulp and stems. Wine goes through a fining process whereby a fining agent is added to create an absorbent bond with the particles.

Organic compounds are often used as fining agents which can be concerning for vegans so it is important to read the back label carefully. Quite often, egg whites, casein (derived from milk), gelatin and isinglass (derived from fish) are used to bond with the insoluble substances in the wine and carry them to the bottom, leaving the wine free of any cloudiness. Only minute traces of the agents remain in the wine after the fining process, however we believe it is the consumers right to know before they purchase.

If you suffer from allergies or lead a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle then please read the back of each wine label carefully.

Please contact us if you require further details.